Photo Reportage: South Tel Aviv, a changing neighbourhood – Part I

In this part of a series of photo reportages, the author shares photographs taken in South Tel Aviv, Israel, where large numbers of refugees have landed over the past decades.


By Natalie Muallem, 20 Feb, 2012

Last summer I spent two months in the south part of Tel Aviv. I was teaching English to a family from Darfur who arrived in Israel over three years ago. I have not included photos of them in this series as I feel they are too personal. However, I spent a lot of time walking around the neighbourhood in which they live with Ahmed, a refugee from Darfur and someone who has volunteered much of his time working for an NGO that helps to make the life of other refugees easier. These photographs are not a statement about the life of refugees but rather a document of a changing neighbourhood.

1. Friend of Ahmed and founder of NGO Bnei Darfur (sons of Darfur)


2. Families


3. Kids


4. The Neighbourhood


5. A Synagogue


6. Old friends


7. Ahmed and two locals


8. Ahmed


The copyright of all photos are with Natalie Muallem. Please do not reprint without permission.


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