Siddharth Singh

Siddharth Singh

Siddharth SinghSiddharth is an energy security, macroeconomic and political analyst based in New Delhi, India.


1. Energy security researcher, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) (June 2014 – Present), New Delhi, India

Research on upstream oil and natural gas resources at the Centre for Research on Energy Security (CeRES) at TERI. CeRES works on projects for – inter alia – the Ministry of External Affairs, The Atomic Energy Commission and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Macroeconomic analyst, Trusted Sources (November, 2011 – May 2014) New Delhi, India

Trusted Sources is an emerging markets consultancy working on the BRIC countries and other regions,  with its headquarters in the UK. Clients include financial institutions based in the USA and Europe.

Involved in the research of, i) Fiscal policy; rural consumption, investment. ii) Monetary policy; inflation, exchange rates, financial flows. iii) Public policy across sectors such as oil and gas, telecom, transport. iv) India’s political economy.

3. Founder and editor-at-large, InPEC (August, 2011 – Present) London, UK and New Delhi, India

Along with a talented team of editors, administrators and analysts, I founded InPEC in 2011 with an objective to bridge the gap between academic research and journalistic writing. InPEC hosts writings on international relations, politics, economics and culture.


  • MA International Studies and Diplomacy, 2010-2011, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Dissertation topic: The energy security concerns, political economy and international relations that influenced the Iran-Pakistan-India Natural Gas Pipeline deal.

  • BA Economics (Honours), 2006-2009, PGDAV College, University of Delhi


Worked on the inequality chapter and edited the literature review in a report (for TERI and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on the patterns of energy consumption in rural India. The report is available here (click for link).

  • Policy brief on the oil and gas sector, accepted by the United Nations for the Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) 2015 public review (link to be inserted soon).
  • An update on the changing policies, production, consumption and prices of petroleum and natural gas in India for The Energy Data Directory and Yearbook (forthcoming).
  • Sustainable growth measures in the oil and gas industry for the GGGI (forthcoming).
  • Value chain analysis of the oil and gas sector in India for Department for International Development, UK (forthcoming).
  • An analysis of the risks impacting the oil and gas fuel chain for the Atomic Energy Commission, India (forthcoming).
  • Contribution to a book on energy security by TERI, Shell and CEEW in a chapter on the policy outlook of oil and natural gas (forthcoming).
  • Contribution to TERI’s inputs to the International Energy Agency’s India Energy Outlook (forthcoming).
  • Contribution to Energy Security Outlook 2 – Transport, a book sponsored by DFID, UK (forthcoming).

A selection of research themes Siddharth has worked on:

  • The Oil and Natural Gas sector: prices, subsidies, externalities
  • India’s monetary policy
  • India’s fiscal policy and the political economy
  • Renewable technology development
  • Competition theory in the energy sector
  • Special economic zones
  • Patterns of energy access and inequities in rural India

Research interests include: macroeconomics, market failures, political economy, energy, system transitions, policy making.


Siddharth writes a blog on Disruptions Collective on energy and labour transitions.

Other writing in the online media:

Reading interests include: science (in particular physics), technology, religion, philosophy, social movements, design, street art, film.



Sporadically participates in quizzes. Of the 4 quizzes participated since 2012:


Was on a five person panel on CNN-IBN in March 2014 which discussed social media and India’s elections (With due contempt to the word ‘youngistan’). [Was also a part of the audience on CNN-IBN in April 2014 on a discussion on the elections. (I speak briefly at 19:00 and again at  30:10)].


Currently based in New Delhi, previously in London, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Visakhapatnam, and for short periods of time in Jaipur, Ajmer and Warangal.


Email: s_singh at

Twitter: @siddharth3

LinkedIn: @siddharth3


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