Vol. 1, Issue 1, October 2011

In this issue

‘Life After Gaddafi – The Future of Foreign Intervention’

By Jack Hamilton



The Revolution is Being Televised By Mikael Santelli-Bensouda
Life After Gaddafi – The Future of Foreign Intervention By Jack Hamilton
What’s in a name? Everything, if your name is Nakoshi By Siddharth Singh
Farewell to Nuclear Weapons or The Failure of Civilisation By David J. Franco
Iranian-American Relations: Explaining the Recent Allegations against Iran By Aryaman Bhatnagar
Does it Get Better? By Matthias Pauwels
The Strange Politics of Anna Hazare By Siddharth Singh
Occupy America – As Occupy Wall Street Spreads We Ask: Who are the 99%? By Jack Hamilton
The Lighthouse in the Desert By Jack Hamilton
A Nobel Intervention? By Jack Hamilton
Understanding the Anna Hazare Movement Through Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Theory By Siddharth Singh


Oil and the Arabian Peninsula: Blessing or Curse? By Matthias Pauwels
Special Economic Zones in India: the law and the experience By Siddharth Singh
The Aryan Debate in the Indian Context By Rebecca Aranha
The Democratic Peace Thesis: Not a Force for Peace After All By Aryaman Bhatnagar
Responsibility to Protect: A Rebranding of Imperial Intervention By Aditya Sakorkar
Assessing the Impact of the Iranian Revolution
on the World Beyond the Middle East
By Matthias Pauwels

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